Elegant hand showcasing squared nails with a white tip, adorned with painted daisies and petals on a light pink base

Spring is the perfect season to show off your creativity and style with colorful and floral nail designs. Whether you prefer pastels, bright hues, or something in between, there is a flower nails design for you. In this blog post, I will share with you 25 cute and easy flower nails that you can try in spring 2025. These nail designs are inspired by the latest trends and the beautiful nature of spring. So let’s get started!

01 | Lavender Bliss with Daisy Accents

Almond-shaped nails painted in a soft lavender shade featuring delicate white daisies with yellow centers on each nail, embodying a spring-inspired, floral nail art design.


  • Delicate daisies bloom on a field of soft lavender, bringing a touch of spring to these almond-shaped nails. Perfect for a day out or a subtle office look.

02 | Soft Pink Petals

Short, rounded nails coated in a pastel pink polish, each accented with a single white daisy with a yellow center near the base, offering a minimalist and feminine nail aesthetic.


  • A gentle pink base adorned with single daisy accents on each nail offers a whisper of floral beauty. These short, rounded nails are ideal for an understated yet feminine style.

03 | Cherry Blossom Sheer

A gradient of pink hues from pale to deeper tones on elongated nails, embellished with subtle cherry blossom petals and gold flake accents for a sophisticated springtime look.


  • Cherry blossom petals are strewn across a gradient pink background, evoking the ethereal beauty of spring. The elongated nail shape adds elegance to this floral design.

04 | Pastel Party with Daisy Chain

A variety of pastel-colored nails with a matte finish, adorned with a delicate white daisy chain pattern, providing a playful yet elegant springtime manicure.


  • A mix of pastel hues serves as the canvas for a scattering of daisies, creating a playful and charming effect. This design celebrates the joy and colors of spring.

05 | Purple Haze with Floral Twist

Stiletto nails featuring a swirling mix of purple and pink shades, complemented by white floral patterns and small daisy accents, creating a bold and artistic nail design.


  • Bold strokes of purple blend with soft pink, punctuated by floral patterns that add a creative twist. These stiletto nails are a statement piece for any springtime occasion.

06 | Classic Black with a Floral Edge

A modern take on the French manicure with glossy black tips and white floral designs, blending timeless elegance with a contemporary floral twist on each nail.


  • A timeless black tip design gets a fresh update with delicate white flowers, offering a modern take on French manicure. This look balances edgy and dainty elements beautifully.

07 | Barely-There Pink with Dainty Daisies

 Pale pink nails offering a clean, natural look, each nail is embellished with small, white daisy designs, perfect for a subtle yet charming floral manicure.


  • This minimalist design features a pale pink base with small white flowers, perfect for those who love a subtle nod to nature. It’s an excellent choice for everyday elegance.

08 | Serene Blue Sky with Daisy Drops

Matte blue nails inspired by a clear spring sky, each adorned with two or three simple white daisies, creating a tranquil and serene floral nail design.


  • Reminiscent of a clear spring sky, these matte blue nails with simple daisy details are a breath of fresh air, bringing a serene vibe to your nail art.

09 | Spring Fling Glitter

Transparent nails scattered with multicolored flower confetti pieces, creating a playful and joyous nail art design that's reminiscent of a springtime celebration.


  • A soft pink base paired with glitter and flower confetti makes for a playful and feminine look. It’s like a spring party at your fingertips.

10 | French Elegance with Floral Tips

Long, coffin-shaped nails with a pink base and classic white French tips, enhanced with white daisy designs, providing a chic and feminine nail style perfect for spring.


  • French manicure takes on a spring twist with crisp white tips adorned with simple floral designs, perfect for a classic yet refreshed look.

11 | Sunshine and Daisies

Bright yellow nails alternated with pink-striped ones, some adorned with delicate sunflower designs, creating a sunny and cheerful nail art look.


  • Bright yellow and soft pink nails serve as the canvas for cheerful daisies, capturing the essence of a sunny spring day.

12 | Modern Art Florals

Stiletto nails featuring a nude pink base, with an abstract design in white and black, adding a touch of modern art to a sophisticated nail style.


  • These nails combine abstract art and delicate florals on a nude base, offering a sophisticated and modern interpretation of flower nails.

13 | Monochrome Elegance

A monochrome nail design with a mix of white, black polka dots, and floral accents, creating a playful yet elegant nail art on a neutral


  • A chic and minimalist design with black and white florals on a nude background, embodying elegance in simplicity.

14 | Vibrant Fuchsia with Blossom Art

Rich fuchsia-colored nails with a glossy finish, featuring a single accent nail on each hand with delicate pink cherry blossom designs.


  • Vivid fuchsia nails with intricate pink blossom details bring a pop of color and a dash of spring to your look.

15 | Classic Blue with a Floral Pop

A striking combination of royal blue and transparent nails, dotted with small white flowers for a bold yet delicate floral nail art statement.


  • A daring blue with a playful pattern of white flowers, for those who love to incorporate bold colors into their spring wardrobe.

16 | Elegant Botanicals

Soft pastel nude nails providing a perfect canvas for intricate white and yellow floral accents, creating a delicate and refined nail art design


  • These nails feature detailed botanical illustrations on a sheer base, perfect for a subtle and elegant floral statement.

17 | Pink and Bold Floral Mix

Magenta nails paired with white nails featuring detailed floral petal designs, offering a vibrant contrast and a floral burst of color


  • A vibrant mix of pink tones and floral accents makes for a dynamic and eye-catching design.

18 | Confetti Flower Party

Pastel-toned nails sprinkled with colorful flower-shaped dots, creating a playful and candy-like effect ideal for a light-hearted spring look.


  • Multicolored flower confetti sprinkled on a clear base creates a look that’s both fun and whimsical for any springtime celebration.

19 | Playful Pink with Daisy Details

Curved short nails with a glossy fuchsia base featuring white daisy-like floral accents on each fingernail


  • A vibrant pink base with playful white daisies makes for a fresh and fun look that’s perfect for any casual springtime outing.

20 | Lilac Blossoms

Lavender nails with a glossy finish and white flower designs, accented with small white dots near the cuticles


  • Delicate white flowers cascade along the tips of these elegant lilac nails, offering a subtle yet charming touch to a classic pastel look.

21 | Spring Meadow Mix

Oval nails painted in alternating shades of pastel yellow and cream, decorated with small daisy patterns and green leaves


  • A delightful combination of soft cream and gentle green hues, accented with tiny daisies, captures the essence of a spring meadow on your nails.

22 | Blue and White Floral Delight

Long almond nails with a mix of blue daisy designs and solid blue color on a nude base, giving a bold statement look


  • The crisp contrast of blue flowers on a white base exudes freshness and simplicity, ideal for a clean and refined floral look.

23 | Sunset Daisies

Coffin-shaped nails with a bright yellow and white French tip design, embellished with small white daisies and gold accents


  • The warm yellow tips and scattered daisy designs on these nails bring to mind the beauty of a springtime sunset, perfect for evenings out or special occasions.

24 | Minty Fresh with Daisy Accents

Pointed long nails painted in a soft seafoam green, decorated with white daisies and tiny yellow centers, contrasting with denim


  • Mint green nails adorned with simple white daisies offer a cool and refreshing look, reminiscent of a gentle spring breeze.

25 | Spring Green with Daisy Chains

Short stiletto nails with a muted green base, featuring a minimalist daisy design in white, creating a fresh springtime look Flower Nails


  • A lively spring green provides a bold background for a chain of classic white daisies, creating a look that’s both striking and cheerful.

How to Choose Flower Nails Designs for Spring

  • Consider your nail shape and length: Some nail designs look better on certain nail shapes and lengths than others. For example, if you have long nails, you can try ombre pastels or French floral tips. If you have short nails, you can opt for simple polka dots or stripes with flowers.
  • Choose colors that suit your skin tone and mood: Spring is a time to experiment with different colors and combinations. You can go for soft and dreamy pastels, vibrant and cheerful brights, or edgy and bold darks. The key is to find colors that flatter your skin tone and reflect your personality and mood.
  • Mix and match patterns and textures: Flower nail designs don’t have to be boring or plain. You can spice up your manicure by adding different patterns and textures, such as glitter, stripes, dots, or geometric shapes. You can also use negative space or matte finish to create contrast and interest.
  • Have fun and be creative: The most important thing is to have fun and be creative with your flower nail designs. You can use stickers, stamps, brushes, or dotting tools to create your own unique designs. You can also draw inspiration from nature, art, fashion, or anything else that you love.

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