Glistening coffin nails featuring layers of shimmering pink shades with a jelly-like transparency, offering a playful and candy-inspired aesthetic for a fun spring vibe

Coffin nails are one of the hottest trends in nail art right now. They have a long, flat top and squared corners that resemble a coffin or a ballerina’s pointe shoes. They are perfect for showing off your creativity and personality with different designs and colors. Whether you prefer short, medium or long coffin nails, there is a style for everyone. In this article, I will share with you 15 of the best coffin nail ideas for spring, inspired by some of the top nail artists and bloggers on the web. Let’s get started!

01 | Pink Coffin Nails

Elegant coffin nails featuring a nude pink base with a mix of solid, glitter, and ombre effects, accented by subtle white heart designs and rhinestone embellishments, perfect for a chic spring look


Pink is a classic color for spring, and it looks gorgeous on coffin nails. You can keep it simple and elegant with a solid pink shade, or add some sparkle with glitter or rhinestones. Pink coffin nails are feminine, chic and versatile.

02 | White and Pale Pink

Classic coffin nail design with a modern twist, showcasing a smooth French ombre transition from white tips to a natural pink base, embodying a timeless and sophisticated spring nail style


Another way to rock pink coffin nails is to combine them with white for a soft and romantic look. You can create a glittery accent nail with white and pale pink, or add some silver French tips for a touch of glamour. White and pale pink coffin nails are perfect for weddings, proms or any special occasion.

03 | Silver French Tips

Stylish coffin nails with a contemporary flair, featuring silver glitter French tips paired with a translucent pink base, adorned with delicate rhinestone accents for a sparkling springtime manicure


If you want to spice up your coffin nails with some metallic flair, try adding some silver French tips. Silver is a great color for spring, as it reflects the light and brightens up your look. You can also add some accent jewels or charms to make your nails stand out even more. Silver French tips are chic, modern and eye-catching.

04 | Red and White Hearts

Romantic coffin nail design with a crisp white base and playful red hearts, offering a charming and sweet nail art idea that's perfect for adding a touch of love to springtime fashion


For a fun and playful look, why not try some red and white hearts on your coffin nails? Hearts are a cute and easy design that you can do yourself or ask your nail technician to create for you. You can use red and white as the main colors, or mix and match with other shades for more variety. Red and white hearts are sweet, adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to spread some love.

05 | Red and Black Tips

Dramatic coffin nails with a bold red and black ombre effect, presenting a striking and edgy nail art choice that adds a touch of daring to any spring ensemble


If you’re feeling bold and edgy, you can opt for some red and black tips on your coffin nails. Red and black are a powerful color combination that exudes confidence and style. You can create a squared French tip with red and black, or play with some wavy or geometric shapes for more interest. You can also add some silver charms or studs for some extra attitude. Red and black tips are fierce, sexy and daring.

06 | Orange and Pink Swirl Coffin Nails

Vibrant coffin nails featuring a whimsical orange and pink swirl pattern on a sheer base, creating a fun and lively nail art look that captures the joyful essence of spring


One of the hottest trends in nail art right now is swirls. Swirls are fun, colorful and easy to create with different nail polish colors and a thin brush or dotting tool. You can choose any color combination you like, but we love the look of orange and pink swirls on coffin nails. Orange and pink are bright, cheerful and perfect for spring. They also create a stunning contrast with the white base coat. Orange and pink swirls are trendy, vibrant and fun.

07 | Red and Gold

Luxurious coffin nails with a deep red and gold glitter ombre, exuding elegance and glamour for a festive and upscale springtime nail design


Another stunning color combination for coffin nails is red and gold. Red is a classic color that never goes out of style, while gold adds some warmth and luxury to your look. You can create a glittery accent nail with red and gold, or add some gold French tips or stripes for more elegance. Red and gold coffin nails are glamorous, sophisticated and timeless.

08 | Sculptural Coffin Nails

Unique coffin nails with sculptural black floral accents over a sheer base, offering a sophisticated and artistic nail art option that's sure to be a conversation starter this spring


If you want to take your coffin nails to the next level, you can try adding some sculptural elements to them. Sculptural nails are created by using acrylic or gel extensions to create 3D shapes or designs on your nails. For example, you can create a snake shape on one of your nails, as seen in this amazing example by @nailsbyceanna on Instagram. Sculptural coffin nails are artistic, creative and unique.

09 | Neon Green Coffin Nails

Eye-catching coffin nails with a bold neon green color, including a glittery accent nail for a splash of sparkle, ideal for making a statement with your springtime nail fashion


For a bold and striking look, you can go for some neon green coffin nails. Neon green is a bright and energetic color that will make your nails pop in any light. You can pair it with black tips or accents for more contrast, or add some bejeweled charms or gems for more sparkle. Neon green coffin nails are edgy, cool and eye-catching.

10 | Airbrushed Nails

Soft and airy coffin nails in a pastel lilac shade, presenting a smooth and clean finish that provides a simple yet elegant nail choice for a subtle springtime look


Another trend that is taking over the nail art world is airbrushed nails. Airbrushed nails are created by using an airbrush machine to spray different colors or patterns on your nails. The result is a smooth and flawless look that is hard to achieve with regular nail polish. You can choose any colors or designs you like, but we love the look of pastel colors and floral patterns on coffin nails. Airbrushed nails are stunning, elegant and perfect for spring.

11 | Double Pink

Bold and vibrant hot pink ombre coffin nails that transition from a bright pink tip to a soft pink base, showcasing a glossy finish perfect for a lively spring statement


If you love pink, why not try a double pink look on your coffin nails? Double pink means using two different shades of pink on your nails, creating a monochromatic and harmonious look. You can choose any shades of pink you like, from light to dark, or from warm to cool. Double pink coffin nails are simple, stylish and pretty.

12 | Chocolate French Tips

Elegant coffin nails with chocolate brown tips and a natural base, highlighted by a gold glitter line for a touch of luxury, ideal for a sophisticated springtime manicure


If you’re looking for a more subtle and natural look, you can try some chocolate French tips on your coffin nails. Chocolate is a rich and warm color that suits any skin tone and season. You can create some wavy nude tips with different shades of brown, or add some glitter or shimmer for more shine. Chocolate French tips are cozy, classy and chic.

13 | White Accents

Chic white coffin nails with a sheer pink overlay and a captivating gold glitter swirl design, merging classic elegance with a touch of sparkle for the spring season


White is a versatile color that can be used to create different accents on your coffin nails. You can alternate between sparkly white French tips and shiny tips with floral accents. You can also use white to create dots, stripes, stars or any other design you like. White accents are fresh, clean and beautiful.

14 | Pink Marble

Soft pink coffin nails with a delicate marble effect, creating a subtle yet intricate pattern that mimics natural stone, perfect for a gentle and refined spring look


Marble is another popular trend in nail art that looks amazing on coffin nails. Marble nails are created by using different colors of nail polish and a thin brush or a plastic wrap to create a marble effect on your nails. You can choose any colors you like, but we love the look of pink marble nails. Pink marble nails are feminine, elegant and stunning.

15 | Sage Green Coffin Nail

Trendy matte sage green coffin nails, presenting a muted yet modern color choice with a velvety finish that's a versatile addition to any spring fashion palette


Green is a great color for spring, as it symbolizes nature, growth and renewal. Sage green is a muted and soothing shade of green that looks lovely on coffin nails. You can keep it simple with a solid sage green color, or add some gold accents or glitter for more glamour. Sage green coffin nails are calm, sophisticated and trendy.

These are some of the best coffin nail ideas for spring that I found on the web. I hope you enjoyed this article and found some inspiration for your next manicure. Coffin nails are fun, versatile, and stylish, and they can be customized to suit your personality and mood. Which one of these designs is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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