Short nails with a minimalist design featuring a clean, natural base with a single accented nail adorned with delicate white lace patterns, embodying elegance for the winter season.

Are you looking for some fresh and trendy ideas for your short nails? Do you want to spice up your manicure with some winter-inspired nail art? If so, you are in the right place! In this blog post, I will share with you 20 of the best short nail designs that you can try in winter 2024. These designs are easy to do, fun to wear, and suitable for any occasion. Whether you prefer classic colors, glittery accents, or cute patterns, you will find something to love in this list. Let’s get started!

01 | Short Astrology Nails

Short nails with an astrology-inspired design, showcasing constellations and celestial bodies against a dark blue background for a mystical winter night feel Short Nail Designs


If you are into astrology and love to read your horoscope, why not show it off on your nails? This design is perfect for the winter season, as it features a dark blue base that resembles the night sky, and white or silver constellations that represent your zodiac sign. You can choose to paint each nail with a different star sign, or stick to one that matches your personality. This design is detailed, but also symbolic and meaningful. It can also be a great conversation starter with other astrology enthusiasts.

02 | Short Black and Nude Nails

Short nails with an elegant black and nude color scheme featuring a swirled design, perfect for a chic winter look


Black and nude are two classic colors that never go out of style. They also create a stunning contrast that makes your nails stand out. There are many ways to combine these two colors, such as abstract shapes, line art, or polka dots. You can also switch up the base color and the details, depending on your mood and preference. This design is elegant, versatile, and easy to match with any outfit.

03 | Short Brown and Blue Nails

Short nails with a geometric design in brown and blue, offering a contemporary look for fashion-forward winter styles


Brown and blue may not be the most obvious color combination, but they actually work really well together. They have a retro vibe that is very trendy right now, and they can also create a warm and cozy feeling for the winter season. You can experiment with different shades of brown and blue, from light to dark, and add some fun patterns or textures to spice things up. For example, you can try checks, florals, or squiggles. You can also play with different finishes, such as matte or glossy.

04 | Short Winter Nails

Sophisticated short nails with a winter-themed design, combining a muted lavender base with sparkling white accents


Winter is the time to embrace darker colors and more dramatic designs. You can choose from rich hues like black, burgundy, or brown, or go for cool tones like blue, silver, or white. You can also add some winter-themed nail art, such as snowflakes, icicles, or mittens. These designs will make your nails look festive and cozy, and also match the winter mood.

05 | Short Pink and Gold Nails

Short nails painted with a pink and gold design, adding a touch of luxury and warmth to the winter palette


Pink and gold are two colors that always look gorgeous together. They create a feminine and glamorous effect that is perfect for any occasion. You can opt for a simple color block design with a diagonal line, or add some sparkle with glitter or metallic polish. You can also mix and match different shades of pink and gold, from soft to bold, to create a more dynamic look.

06 | Short Blue Ombre Nails

Short nails featuring a bold blue ombre from light to dark, reminiscent of the winter sky transitioning at dusk


Ombre nails are a popular trend that involves creating a gradient effect with different shades of the same color. This technique is easy to do at home with a sponge or a brush, and it looks amazing on short nails. One of the best colors to try for ombre nails is blue, as it has many variations that blend well together. You can go from light to dark blue, or vice versa, or even mix in some purple or green for a more colorful look.

07 | Short Rust Ombre Nails

Short nails with a rust ombre effect, blending deep red to black, mirroring the warm tones of winter sunsets


Another color that works well for ombre nails is rust, which is a warm and earthy tone that is perfect for the winter season. Rust ombre nails can create a cozy and chic effect that will complement your winter wardrobe. You can start with a nude base and gradually add rust polish to the tips of your nails, or do the opposite and start with rust at the base and fade into nude at the tips.

08 | Short Shades of Green Abstract Nails

Vibrant shades of green in an abstract design on short nails, bringing a touch of nature's winter colors to the fingertips


If you want to add some color and fun to your short nails, you can try this abstract design with shades of green. Green is a refreshing and lively color that can brighten up your mood and your manicure. You can use different shades of green, from light to dark, and paint them in random shapes or patterns on your nails. You can also add some white or black lines or dots to create some contrast and interest.

09 | Short Mini Lines Nails

Minimalist short nails with abstract lines in a nude tone, reflecting a modern and understated winter style


Sometimes less is more when it comes to nail art. This design is simple but stylish, featuring thin black lines on a nude base. The lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or curved, and they can vary in length and thickness. The result is a minimalist and modern look that is easy to do and wear.

10 | Short Flower Art Nails

Artistic short nails with a flower motif in soft hues of pink and white, ideal for a winter-inspired nail art enthusiast


Flowers are a classic motif for nail art, and they can look beautiful on short nails. You can choose from different types of flowers, such as roses, daisies, or sunflowers, and paint them in different colors and sizes. Also you can add some leaves or stems to make them more realistic. You can paint flowers on all of your nails, or just on one or two as accents.

11 | Short Flower Rows Nails

Elegant short nails showcasing a row of tiny pink flowers on a white base, perfect for a winter floral look


Another way to incorporate flowers into your short nail design is to paint them in rows along the edge of your nails. This creates a cute and delicate effect that is perfect for spring or summer. You can use any color or type of flower you like, and you can also add some dots or glitter to make them more festive.

12 | Short Vintage Flowers Nails

Short nails featuring a vintage flower design on a clear base, offering a nostalgic and feminine touch for the winter season


If you love vintage style, you will love this nail design that features vintage-inspired flowers. These flowers have a soft and faded look that creates a romantic and nostalgic vibe. You can use pastel colors like pink, blue, or lavender, and paint them in small clusters or bouquets on your nails. You can also add some white dots or swirls to create a more whimsical effect.

13 | Short Polka Dot French Tip Nails

Modern short French tip nails with polka dots, combining classic and playful elements suitable for winter trends


French tip nails are a classic and elegant design that can suit any occasion. But if you want to spice them up a bit, you can add some polka dots to the tips of your nails. This adds some fun and flair to your manicure, and also makes it more playful and colorful. You can use any color combination you like, such as black and white, pink and gold, or blue and silver.

14 | Short XOXO Nails

Chic short nails adorned with a delicate XOXO pattern on a sheer pink base, perfect for a subtle winter statement


If you are feeling romantic or want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can try this adorable nail design that features XOXO letters on your nails. XOXO stands for hugs and kisses, and it is a sweet way to express your love and affection. You can paint the letters in red or pink on a white base, or use any other color scheme you prefer. You can also add some hearts or glitter to make it more festive.

15 | Short Polka Dot Nails

Short nails featuring a beige base with scattered polka dots in black, white, and red, providing a playful yet elegant look ideal for winter


Polka dot nails are a timeless and versatile design that can suit any season and mood. They are also easy to do at home with a dotting tool or a toothpick. You can use any color combination you like, such as black and white, red and white, or rainbow colors. You can also vary the size and placement of the dots, or create different patterns with them.

16 | Short Line of Polka Dots Nails

Short nails with a creative line of polka dots in shades of blue and white, presenting a playful yet sophisticated winter nail design


Another way to use polka dots on your short nails is to create a line of dots along the center of your nails. This creates a simple but striking effect that draws attention to your nails. You can use one color for the dots, or mix different colors for a more fun look.

17 | Short Raincloud Nails

Short nails featuring a blue ombre resembling a raincloud, with a glossy finish that captures the essence of a winter storm


If you want to add some whimsy and charm to your short nails, you can try this raincloud design that is perfect for the winter season. This design features a light blue base that represents the sky, and white clouds with silver raindrops on the tips of your nails. You can also add some glitter or sparkle to the raindrops to make them more magical.

18 | Short Purple Cloud Nails

Short nails with a glossy purple base and white cloud-like patterns, creating a dreamy winter sky effect on the fingertips


Another cloud-inspired design that you can try on your short nails is this purple cloud design that is dreamy and romantic. This design features a purple base that creates a soft and soothing effect, and white clouds with gold stars on the tips of your nails. You can also add some glitter or shimmer to the stars to make them more dazzling.

19 | Short Cow Print Nails

Charming short nails with a cow print pattern over a pink base, offering a fun and trendy twist on animal prints for winter


Cow print nails are a fun and trendy design that can make your short nails look more interesting and edgy. Cow print consists of black spots on a white base, creating a contrast that is eye-catching and stylish. You can paint the spots in different shapes and sizes, or use a stencil or sticker to make them more uniform.

20 | Short Black and White Cow Nails

Playful short nails with a black and white cow print design, adding a whimsical touch to a classic winter manicure


If you want to add some color to your cow print nails, you can try this black and white cow design that is cute and quirky. This design features a black base with white cow spots on some of the nails, and white base with black cow faces on the other nails. The faces have eyes, ears, noses, and horns that make them more adorable.

These are just some of the examples of the best short nail designs to try in winter 2024. You can mix and match different colors, patterns, and techniques to create your own unique manicure. Short nails can be just as fun and fashionable as long nails, so don’t be afraid to experiment and express yourself.

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