oft fringe complementing a wavy bob, exuding a romantic and whimsical appearance that's perfect for those seeking a gentle, feminine look.

Hey there, fashion-forward friends! It’s 2024, and the hairstyle game is stronger than ever. If you’re looking to revamp your look this year, then you’re in the right place. Today, we’re diving into the top 15 trendy bangs and bobs hairstyles that are taking over 2024. From chic bobs to statement-making bangs, these hairstyles are all the rage this year. So, let’s get into it!

01 | Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Curly-haired woman showcasing a playful bob hairstyle with voluminous curls and side-swept bangs, exuding casual elegance Bangs and Bobs Hairstyles


  • For all the curly-haired beauties out there, the curly bob with side-swept bangs is a must-try. This playful yet chic hairstyle adds a touch of whimsy to your look while maintaining an air of sophistication. The combination of bouncy curls and flirty bangs is simply irresistible.

02 | Blunt Bob with Bangs

Woman with a sleek blunt bob haircut complemented by even-length bangs, creating a chic and modern look perfect for 2024 style trends.


  • The blunt bob with bangs is making a major comeback in 2024. This sleek and sophisticated style is perfect for those who want to exude confidence and elegance. The blunt cut paired with eye-grazing bangs creates a bold and edgy look that’s hard to ignore.

03 | Wispy Bangs with Textured Bob

Stylish textured bob with delicate wispy bangs framing the face, highlighting a soft, tousled appearance that's on-trend for 2024.


  • If you’re into a more laid-back vibe, the wispy bangs with a textured bob might be your go-to style. This effortless look brings a sense of casual coolness to the table. The wispy bangs frame the face beautifully, while the textured bob adds a touch of modernity to the overall aesthetic.

04 | Baby Bangs with Chin-Length Bob

Edgy chin-length bob with ultra-short baby bangs, offering a bold statement look that combines vintage charm with modern edginess.


  • For those who dare to be bold, baby bangs with a chin-length bob are the way to go. This daring combo is all about making a statement. The short, cropped bangs paired with a chin-length bob create a fierce and fearless look that’s bound to turn heads.

05 | Feathered Bangs with Angled Bob

Fashion-forward angled bob with feathered bangs that gently sweep across the forehead, providing a dynamic and layered hairstyle.


  • The feathered bangs with an angled bob are giving off major ’70s vibes in 2024. This retro-inspired hairstyle is all about embracing volume and movement. The feathered bangs add a soft, feminine touch, while the angled bob brings a contemporary edge to the look.

06 | Micro Bangs with Asymmetrical Bob

Daring asymmetrical bob with micro bangs, presenting a striking and avant-garde hair trend that captures attention in 2024.


  • If you’re after a truly avant-garde style, micro bangs with an asymmetrical bob might be right up your alley. This high-fashion combo is all about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules. The micro bangs add an element of intrigue, while the asymmetrical bob adds a touch of asymmetry and drama.

07 | Side-Swept Bangs with Inverted Bob

Elegant inverted bob with long side-swept bangs gracefully accentuating the cheekbones, a sophisticated choice for contemporary style seekers.


  • The side-swept bangs with an inverted bob are perfect for those who love a bit of drama in their hairstyle. This bold and dynamic look features a dramatic angle that adds flair and personality to the overall style. The side-swept bangs further enhance the drama, creating a captivating and eye-catching effect.

08 | Bardot Bangs with Shoulder-Length Bob

Classic shoulder-length bob with Bardot bangs, channeling a timeless beauty reminiscent of French film icons, updated for today's fashion.


  • Channel your inner French girl with bardot bangs and a shoulder-length bob. This effortlessly chic style exudes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. The bardot bangs add a touch of retro glamour, while the shoulder-length bob brings a modern twist to the classic look.

09 | Choppy Bangs with Shaggy Bob

Woman with a shaggy bob in pastel pink hues featuring soft, full bangs that lend a playful and trendy vibe to the overall hairstyle.


  • For a carefree and effortless vibe, choppy bangs with a shaggy bob are the way to go. This laid-back style is all about embracing a sense of undone beauty. The choppy bangs add texture and movement, while the shaggy bob brings a sense of relaxed chicness to the overall look.

10 | Textured Bangs with Wavy Bob

Side view of a brunette wavy bob hairstyle with rich brown tones and added texture, perfect for a casual yet sophisticated look.


  • Embrace a beachy, bohemian vibe with textured bangs and a wavy bob. This relaxed and carefree style is perfect for those who love a touch of effortless charm. The textured bangs add a sense of natural beauty, while the wavy bob creates a relaxed, easygoing look.

11 | Long Bangs with Blunt Cut Bob

Woman wearing a turtleneck with a layered bob and long, feathered bangs that frame the face, offering a fresh and contemporary style.


  • If you’re after a modern and sophisticated look, long bangs with a blunt cut bob might be the perfect choice. This sleek and polished style exudes confidence and refinement. The long bangs create a face-framing effect, while the blunt cut bob adds a sense of sharpness and precision to the overall aesthetic.

12 | Peek-a-Boo Bangs with Layered Bob

Striking midnight blue layered bob with wispy bangs, providing an edgy, fashion-forward statement with its deep color and voluminous layers.


  • Add a sense of mystery and allure to your look with peek-a-boo bangs and a layered bob. This playful and flirty style is all about creating a sense of intrigue. The peek-a-boo bangs add a touch of whimsy, while the layered bob brings movement and dimension to the overall look.

13 | French Fringe with A-Line Bob

Classic sleek bob with straight-across bangs and a subtle ombré effect, combining timeless elegance with a modern twist.


  • For a classic yet contemporary look, opt for a French fringe with an A-line bob. This timeless and sophisticated style is perfect for those who appreciate a sense of refinement and elegance. The French fringe adds a touch of Parisian chic, while the A-line bob brings a structured and tailored look to the overall aesthetic.

14 | Micro Fringe with Bob

Woman with a pixie bob featuring micro bangs, showcasing a bold and minimalist hairstyle that's both chic and edgy.


  • If you’re looking to make a bold statement, consider embracing a micro fringe with a bob. This daring and high-fashion style is all about pushing boundaries and breaking the mold. The micro fringe adds an element of edginess, while the bob creates a sense of modernity and sophistication.

15 | Retro Bangs with Pixie Bob

Retro-inspired pixie bob with short bangs, channeling vintage flair through its structured cut and sophisticated style.


  • For those who love a touch of retro glamour, retro bangs with a pixie bob are the way to go. This vintage-inspired style exudes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. The retro bangs add a touch of old Hollywood glamour, while the pixie bob brings a modern twist to the classic look.

So there you have it, the top 15 trendy bangs and bobs hairstyles that are dominating 2024. Whether you’re after a sleek and polished look or a carefree and effortless vibe, there’s a style for everyone. Embrace your individuality and express yourself through your hairstyle – after all, it’s the ultimate form of self-expression.

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Let’s make 2024 the year of fabulous hair!

This blog article is for informational purposes only. Always consult with a professional hairstylist before making significant changes to your hair.

Remember, the key to a great hairstyle is confidence, so wear your new ‘do with pride and rock it like the trendsetter you are!

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