A hand with oval-shaped nails lacquered in a vibrant glossy purple shade, accessorized with modern geometric rings, one shaped as an abstract polygon and the other as a simple open band, set against a bright white background.

The new year is here and it’s time to update your manicure with some fresh and fabulous nail colors. Whether you’re looking for something simple, bold, or artsy, there’s a nail trend for you in 2024. From sleek finishes to textured designs, here are 10 of the best January nail colors for 2024 that will make you stand out from the crowd.

01 | Navy Blue Nails

Elegant almond-shaped nails painted in a matte navy blue shade, featuring a single accent nail with a glittery silver stripe design and a delicate gold ring on the middle finger.


Navy blue is a classic color that never goes out of style. It’s sophisticated, elegant, and versatile. You can wear it with any outfit, from casual to formal, and it will always look chic. Navy blue is also a great choice for winter, as it adds some warmth and depth to your nails. Try Essie Step Out of Line, a rich navy blue with a glossy finish.

02 | Chocolate Milk Nails

Sophisticated long stiletto nails with a rich chocolate milk base color, showcasing a unique chevron design on the ring finger with a glossy black tip for contrast.


If you’re looking for a neutral shade that’s not boring, chocolate milk is the way to go. This creamy brown color is cozy, comforting, and delicious. It’s perfect for adding some sweetness to your nails without being too flashy. Chocolate milk is also one of the most popular nail trends on TikTok, so you’ll be right on trend with this shade. Try Mented Brown and Bougie, a smooth chocolate milk color that’s vegan and cruelty-free.

03 | Electric Blue Nails

Vibrant oval-shaped nails coated in an electric blue color with a high-gloss finish, complemented by a statement gold ring on the index finger, exuding luxury and boldness.


Electric blue is a vibrant and eye-catching color that will make your nails pop. It’s bold, fun, and energetic. Electric blue is also a great way to brighten up your mood and your look in the cold winter months. You can wear it as a solid color or add some sparkle or nail art for extra flair. Try OPI GelColor in Music Is My Muse, a dazzling electric blue that lasts up to three weeks.

04 | Soft Chrome Nails

Subtle and soft pink nails with a chrome finish, presented in a short, natural oval shape, and adorned with a cozy sweater sleeve, perfect for a gentle January aesthetic.


Chrome nails are not going anywhere in 2024, but they’re getting a softer and more subtle twist. Soft chrome nails have a pastel base color with a metallic glaze on top, creating a beautiful iridescent effect. They’re elegant, modern, and versatile. You can choose any pastel color you like, from pink to green, and match it with a chrome polish or powder. Try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Pinky Promise, a light pink color with a chrome finish.

05 | Textured Nail Design

Lavender-colored nails with a unique textured design, featuring small silver studs arranged in straight lines, giving a three-dimensional effect on the almond nail shape.


Textured designs are one of the easiest and coolest ways to add some interest and dimension to your nails. You can create textured designs by layering different polishes, using nail stickers, applying gems or rhinestones, or using tools like dotting pens or brushes. Textured designs can be as simple or as complex as you want, and they look great on any nail shape or length. Try Ciaté London Nail Art Kit, a set of four polishes and tools to create textured designs.

06 | Red Winter Nails

Winter-inspired nails with a deep red base, transitioning to a sparkling ombre effect, featuring a detailed maroon chevron pattern on two accent nails.


Red is another classic color that never fails to impress. It’s sexy, confident, and powerful. Red is also a versatile color that can suit any occasion, from casual to formal, and any season, from summer to winter. Red is also one of the most flattering colors for any skin tone, as it adds some warmth and glow to your nails. Try Zoya Nail Polish in Alyssa, a true red with a creamy finish.

07 | Aura Green Nails

Bold and glossy long stiletto nails painted in an aura green shade reminiscent of emerald stones, accessorized with golden statement jewelry for an elegant touch.


Aura nails are one of the most unique and stunning nail trends for 2024. They’re inspired by the concept of aura colors, which are said to represent different aspects of your personality and mood. Aura nails have a clear base color with swirls of different colors on top, creating a mesmerizing effect that looks like an aura around your nails. You can choose any colors you like for your aura nails, from brights to pastels, and match them with your mood or outfit. Try ILNP Aura Nail Polish Set, a set of six holographic polishes that can create aura nails.

08 | Green Nails

 Cool mint green stiletto nails with a smooth, glittering finish that captures the fresh essence of January, creating a crisp and sparkling appearance.


Green is a soothing and refreshing color that will make your nails look fresh and lively. It’s also an earthy and natural color that reflects the beauty of nature and the environment. Green is also a trendy color for 2024, as it symbolizes growth, renewal, and hope. You can choose any shade of green you like, from mint to olive, and wear it as a solid color or with some nail art. Try Olive & June Nail Polish in WKF, a gorgeous green with a hint of shimmer.

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09 | Pierced Nails

Sky blue almond-shaped nails with a unique feature—a small gold piercing on the pinky nail, adding a touch of edgy elegance to the soft pastel color.


Pierced nails are one of the most edgy and daring nail trends for 2024. They’re inspired by body piercings, and they involve adding small rings or studs to your nails. Pierced nails can add some attitude and personality to your nails, and they can also be a fun way to express yourself. You can pierce any nail you like, from one to all ten, and choose any ring or stud you like, from silver to gold. Try Ejiubas Nail Art Rings, a pack of 50 nail rings in different shapes and colors.

10 | Shimmer Nails

Almond-shaped nails boasting an iridescent shimmer finish that reflects a spectrum of colors, perfect for a dazzling start to the new year with a hint of whimsy.


Shimmer is a simple and elegant way to add some sparkle and shine to your nails. It’s also a versatile and flattering way to enhance any color or design. Shimmer can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the amount and size of the glitter particles. You can wear shimmer as a top coat over any color, or as a base color for some extra glam. Try Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish in Set in Stones, a clear polish with silver glitter.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the 10 best January nail colors for 2024. These nail trends are sure to make your nails look amazing and stylish in the new year. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!





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