20 Cute and Simple Summer Nail Trends 2024

As the sun begins to shine brighter and the days grow longer, I can’t help but feel excited about the endless possibilities for summer nail trends. This year, 2024, promises to be a season of vibrant colors, playful designs, and effortless elegance. I’ve scoured the internet, looking at the top trends to bring you the most stylish and simple nail designs to try this summer.

01 | Cute Rainbow Swirls

Cute Rainbow Swirls

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  • Nothing screams summer like a burst of color, and what better way to showcase this than with cute rainbow swirls on your nails? This trend is all about mixing pastel shades like pink, mint, lilac, yellow, and baby blue to create a fruity cocktail of colors that are perfect for any summer adventure.

02 | Peachy Apricot Updated French Nails

Peachy Apricot Updated French Nails

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  • The classic French manicure gets a summer twist with peachy apricot tones. It’s a universally flattering hue that pairs beautifully with a full spectrum of colors and looks stunning with gold and rose-gold jewelry. It’s a simple yet playful look that adds a touch of summer to any outfit.

03 | Dreamy Pastel Coffin Nails

Dreamy Pastel Coffin Nails

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  • The coffin nail shape is making waves this summer, providing ample space to experiment with colors and designs. From holographic foiling to ombré coloring and intricate beadwork, these nails are for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

04 | Purple Clouds Art

Purple Clouds nail Art

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  • For a more whimsical touch, purple clouds art on a classic round nail shape is the go-to. This effortless style is versatile and can be dressed up with bright, fun summer shades or kept chic with a nude polish.

05 | Pretty Blue Art

Pretty Blue nail

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  • Square nails are the canvas for pretty blue art this season. They’re perfect for those with narrow and flat nail beds, as they help make fingertips appear wider. This trend is all about stylish and healthy nail shapes that are as eye-catching as they are practical.

06 | Bright Red Nails

Bright Red Nails

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  • A classic red manicure never goes out of style, especially in the summer. Opt for a bright red hue with hints of orange for a fiery look that complements the summer heat.

07 | Colorful Floral French Tips

Colorful Floral French Tips

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  • Combine summer blooms and rainbows with a colorful take on the French manicure. Each nail features a different shade of the rainbow, adorned with delicate flowers for an intricate and beautiful look.

08 | Hot Pink French Tips

Hot Pink French Tips

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  • Upgrade your French manicure with a hot pop of color. Swap the neutral white tip for hot pink, or any bright shade you desire, for a simple and fun design.

09 | Cherry Nails

Cherry Nails

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  • Cherries are a sweet summer treat, and now they can be a part of your nail art too. Opt for a contrasting French tip or a blank nail as your base, and add tiny cherry graphics for a playful touch.

10 | Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails

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  • Channel the beauty of the ocean with an iridescent mermaid manicure. Paint a light teal or green metallic shade on your nails, or layer it over a bright purple or blue for a dichromatic effect.

11 | Barbie Pink Glitter Nails

Barbie Pink Glitter Nails

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  • Barbie pink is still in, and adding glitter to this vibrant shade will make your nails stand out. It’s a fun way to embrace the neon trend without going all out.

12 | Minimalist Designs

Minimalist Nail Designs

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  • Sometimes less is more, and that’s certainly the case with minimalist nail designs. Think single lines, dots, or shapes in bold colors against a nude background for a sophisticated and modern look.

13 | Tropical Vibes

Tropical Vibe nail

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  • Bring the vacation to your nails with tropical-inspired designs. Palm trees, sunsets, and ocean waves can all be miniaturized into stunning nail art that’s perfect for any summer getaway.

14 | Neon Accents

Neon Accents nail

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  • Neon colors are a summer staple, and adding neon accents to your nails is a surefire way to make a statement. Whether it’s a full neon nail or just a hint of color, it’s a trend that’s both bold and beautiful.

15 | Metallic Stripes

Metallic Stripes Nails

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  • Metallics are not just for jewelry; they make for fantastic nail art too. Add metallic stripes to your nails for a look that’s both edgy and elegant.

16 | Polka Dots

Polka Dots Nails

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  • Polka dots are playful and charming, making them a perfect choice for summer nails. You can go classic with black and white or experiment with a range of summer colors.

17 | Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns Nails

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  • Geometric patterns are a great way to add some graphic interest to your nails. Triangles, squares, and other shapes can be combined in various colors for a dynamic and eye-catching design.

18 | Ombre Effect

Ombre Nails

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  • The ombre effect is still going strong, blending two or more colors seamlessly on your nails. It’s a trend that allows for a lot of creativity and can be as subtle or as bold as you like.

19 | Matte Finishes

Matte Finishes Nails

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  • For those who prefer a non-glossy look, matte finishes are the way to go. They provide a modern twist to any color or design and are perfect for those hot summer days.

20 | Glitter Overlays

Glitter Overlay Nail

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  • Glitter isn’t just for the holidays. A glitter overlay can add some sparkle to your summer nails, making them shine as bright as the summer sun.

These are just a few of the cute and simple summer nail trends for 2024 that I’ve fallen in love with. Remember, the key to great summer nails is not just following the trends but also making them your own. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your summer nail art!

I hope this guide inspires you to try some new designs and embrace the joy of summer through your nails. Whether you’re hitting the beach or just enjoying a sunny day in the park, these nail trends are sure to add a touch of summer to your look. Happy painting!

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