Vibrant red nails with a glossy finish featuring a single, delicate white heart as an accent on one finger, embodying a simple yet powerful expression of love for Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to show off your nails with some cute and romantic designs. Whether you prefer classic reds and pinks, or want to try something more creative and fun, there is a nail art idea for you. In this blog post, I will share with you 20 of my favorite pink and red Valentine’s Day nail designs that you can easily recreate at home or at the salon. Let’s get started!

Red Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

01 | Bold Scarlet Elegance

A dazzling nail design featuring bold scarlet polish, perfect for Valentine's Day celebrations or a romantic night out, showcasing a vibrant and confident look.


  • A stunning display of bold scarlet polish that exudes confidence and elegance. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day event or a romantic evening out.

02 | Valentine’s Tic-Tac-Toe

Charming and playful nail art depicting a tic-tac-toe game with hearts and x's over a soft nude base, ideal for a fun and lighthearted Valentine's Day theme.


  • Playful nails featuring a tic-tac-toe design with hearts and x’s on a nude base. A whimsical choice for someone who loves to incorporate fun into their style.

03 | Lovestruck Tips

A contemporary take on the classic French manicure, adorned with vivid red hearts over a transparent base, blending timeless style with a romantic Valentine's twist.


  • A modern twist on the French manicure, these nails boast vibrant red hearts on a sheer base. Ideal for those who prefer a hint of romance with a classic feel.

04 | Crimson Love Swirls

Intricate abstract red swirls over a pale pink base, creating a captivating nail design that speaks to those with an appreciation for unique, artistic expressions of love.


  • Abstract red swirls on a pink base create a mesmerizing effect. These nails are a work of art, perfect for the individual who appreciates unique designs.

05 | Hearts in Harmony

Soft pink nails decorated with hearts of varying sizes, symbolizing the light and joyful essence of love, offering a subtle yet enchanting nod to Valentine's Day.


  • Delicate hearts in various sizes dance across a soft pink background, symbolizing the joy and lightness of love. They offer a subtle yet sweet nod to Valentine’s Day.

06 | Classic Red with a Heartful Twist

Classic red nails paired with a singular nail featuring a heart pattern, merging tradition with a whimsical Valentine's flair, perfect for the romantically inclined.


  • Timeless red nails with a single heart-patterned accent nail, combining tradition with a touch of whimsy. This design is for the romantic at heart.

07 | EKG of Love

Nails showcasing a single EKG heartbeat with a heart design against lustrous red polish, making a bold statement of love at first sight for Valentine's Day.


  • A single nail features an EKG heartbeat with a heart, surrounded by lustrous red polish on the other nails. It’s a declaration of love at first sight.

08 | Cascading Hearts

Delicate red hearts cascading like flower petals against a clean white background, creating a playful and romantic manicure suitable for a Valentine's date.


  • Small red hearts seem to fall like petals across the nails, set against a backdrop of pristine white. This design is both romantic and playful, perfect for a Valentine’s date.

09 | Heartbeat on a Ring

Valentine's Day-inspired nails featuring a sparkling ring design, complemented by luscious red polish and small hearts, evoking the excitement of a loving commitment.


  • A subtle nod to engagements, this design features a sparkling ring alongside red nails, with hearts delicately placed to represent the rhythm of a beating heart.

10 | Spattered in Love

Artistic nail design featuring a creative splatter of red and pink hearts over a white base, expressing the spontaneous and expressive nature of love for Valentine's Day.


  • A creative splash of red and White hearts on a Red base, this nail art is both artistic and expressive, embodying the spontaneity of love.

Pink Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

11 | Sweet Pink Gradient with Floating Hearts

A delicate gradient of pinks from light to dark with whimsical floating hearts, creating a sweet and romantic nail design for Valentine's Day or everyday elegance.


  • This nail art design features a lovely gradient of pink with charming floating hearts, perfect for a sweet and sophisticated Valentine’s look.

12 | Glittery Hearts on Matte Pink

Soft matte pink nails adorned with sparkling glittery hearts, offering a perfect blend of understated elegance and Valentine's Day festivity for a chic look.


  • Matte pink nails are given a touch of sparkle with glittery hearts, creating a balance between subtle elegance and festive fun.

13 | Passionate Pink with White Heart Accents

Striking hot pink nails with crisp white heart accents, making a bold statement of love that's perfect for those celebrating Valentine's Day with a pop of color.


  • Bold pink nails adorned with white heart accents make for a striking statement of love, ideal for those who want to wear their heart on their hands.

14 | Watercolor Heart Affection

Soft pink nails with a romantic touch of watercolor hearts, ideal for a dreamy Valentine's Day look that captures the essence of love through artistic expression.


  • The watercolor hearts on a translucent pink base have a dreamy, romantic vibe, suitable for anyone who adores a softer, artistic touch.

15 | Heartfelt Embrace

Cozy nail art featuring a range of pink shades adorned with hearts, capturing the warm and comforting embrace of love, suitable for Valentine's festivities or daily wear.


  • A captivating array of hearts in various shades of pink, this design captures the warmth and comfort of a loving embrace.

16 | Arrow of Cupid

Valentine's Day nail design depicting Cupid's arrow through hearts on a soft pink backdrop, symbolizing the moment of being struck by love's charm and excitement.


  • The arrow of Cupid strikes on these nails, featuring hearts in the path of an elegant arrow, symbolizing the moment love hits you.

17 | Pink Love

A seamless gradient of pink tones forms the backdrop for a loving pair of hearts, reflecting the journey and depth of love in a chic and modern nail design.


18 | Shimmering Affection

A single shimmering nail stands among soft pink ones adorned with tiny hearts, perfect for Valentine's Day, blending glamour with the sweet symbols of romance.


  • A single shimmering nail stands out among pink nails with delicate hearts, perfect for those who like a touch of glamour with their romance.

19 | Pink Heart Nails

A minimalist pink nail design featuring a heartbeat line with a single heart, evoking the thrill and joy of love, ideal for a subtle Valentine's Day statement.


20 | Sparkling Love Letters

Enchanting nail art with sparkling love letters and hearts on a soft pink base, weaving a romantic narrative for Valentine's Day with a touch of fairytale glamour.


  • A romantic narrative unfolds with sparkling love letters and hearts on a soft pink canvas, creating a fairytale-like allure for the wearer.

These adorable pink and red Valentine’s Day nail designs are perfect for expressing your love and celebrating this special day. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, or simply enjoying some self-love, these nail designs will add a touch of romance and charm to your look.

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