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If you’re looking for a way to add some fun and flair to your nails, why not try some hot pink nail designs? Hot pink is a vibrant and eye-catching color that can make any manicure stand out. Whether you prefer simple or elaborate nail art, there’s a hot pink design for you. Here are 14 hot pink nail designs to inspire you for your next salon visit or DIY session.

01 | Smiley Face Nail Art

Joyful pink nails featuring cute yellow smiley faces that bring a sunny and cheerful mood to your daily style


This cute and cheerful nail design features smiley faces on a glittery pink background. You can use decals or hand-paint the faces with a dotting tool and a thin brush. This design is perfect for expressing your happy mood and adding some sparkle to your nails.

02 | Shades of Pink Nails

A chic ombre effect with different shades of pink, blending from light to dark, for a trendy and sophisticated nail design.


This elegant and sophisticated nail design showcases different shades of pink in an ombre effect. You can choose warm or cool tones of pink and paint them from dark to light on each nail. This design is simple yet chic and works well with any outfit.

03 | Pink Ombre Nails

Bold pink ombre nails transition from a deep magenta to a lighter pink, creating a dramatic and fashionable statement for any occasion.


This trendy and stylish nail design creates a smooth transition from dark pink to light pink on each nail. You can achieve this look with nail polish, dip powder, acrylic, or gel. The key is to blend the colors well and apply them in thin layers. This design is ideal for adding some dimension and depth to your nails.

04 | Pink Watercolor Effect Nails

Pink nails with a watercolor effect, creating a soft and romantic vibe that mimics the gentle flow of watercolor paints on canvas.


This artistic and creative nail design mimics the look of watercolor painting on your nails. You can use different shades of pink and mix them with acetone to create a splodgy effect. You can also add some white dots and stars to enhance the watercolor vibe. This design is great for unleashing your inner artist and having some fun with your nails.

05 | Pink Pop Art Nails

Bold and vibrant pink nails with pop art-inspired designs, featuring playful patterns and hearts for a fun and eye-catching look.


This bold and colorful nail design pays homage to the pop art movement of the 1950s and 1960s. You can use bright pink as the base color and add some cartoon-inspired details like stars, hearts, bubbles, and words. You can also use some black outlines to make the design pop. This design is perfect for channeling your inner pop star and making a statement with your nails.

06 | Pink Yin and Yang Nails

Pink and white yin and yang nail art presenting a harmonious balance, symbolizing peace and tranquility in a stylish manicure.


This subtle and harmonious nail design features the yin and yang symbol in pink on a nude base. The yin and yang represent the balance of opposite forces in the universe, such as light and dark, male and female, positive and negative. This design is suitable for adding some zen and tranquility to your nails.

07 | Pink and White with Squiggly French Tips

Pink nails with a modern twist featuring white squiggly French tips, combining classic elegance with a fun and quirky edge.


This modern and playful nail design updates the classic French manicure with squiggly lines in hot pink and white. You can use a thin brush or a striping tape to create the wavy tips. This design is fun and fresh and adds some personality to your nails.

08 | Pink and Mauve Geometric Shapes

Trendy nail design with pink and mauve geometric shapes, accented with gold lines for a contemporary and edgy geometric manicure.


This geometric and edgy nail design combines pink, white, and mauve in a striking pattern. You can use a stencil or a tape to create the shapes, or freehand them if you’re confident enough. This design is cool and contemporary and works well with any occasion.

09 | Slanted Metallic and Pink French Tips

A modern take on French tips with a slanted design, combining metallic accents and hot pink for a sharp and edgy nail art look.


This glamorous and sophisticated nail design features slanted French tips in metallic silver and hot pink. You can use a tape or a sticker to create the slanted line, or cut your nails in that shape if you prefer. This design is sleek and classy and adds some shine to your nails.

10 | Pink Hearts and Swirls

A charming nail design featuring pink hearts and whimsical swirls over a nude base, perfect for adding a playful touch to your Valentine's look.


This romantic and lovely nail design features hearts and swirls in hot pink on a nude base. You can use a dotting tool or a toothpick to create the hearts, and a thin brush or a striping tape to create the swirls. This design is sweet and charming and perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to show some love.

11 | Pastel Shades of Pink Nails

A gradient of pastel pink shades flow seamlessly from one nail to the next, presenting a soft and dreamy look for a gentle manicure style.


This pretty and delicate nail design showcases pastel shades of pink in an ombre style. You can choose different hues of pink with the same undertone, such as warm or cool, and paint them from light to dark on each nail. You can also add a pop of white for contrast. This design is soft and feminine and ideal for spring or summer.

12 | Pink and White Stripes

Chic pink nails adorned with thin white stripes, creating a delicate and stylish pattern for a minimalist yet fashionable nail art design.


This simple and striking nail design features bold stripes in black, white, and hot pink on a baby pink base. You can use a striping tape or a thin brush to create the stripes, or use decals or stickers if you want an easier option. This design is minimal yet impactful and adds some edge to your nails.

13 | Pink Neutrals

Soft pink neutral nails with a glossy finish offering a subtle and elegant look perfect for both casual and formal occasions.


This versatile and elegant nail design features pink neutrals with rosy undertones. You can choose different shades of pink that match your skin tone and paint them on each nail. You can also add some glitter or shimmer for some extra glam. This design is flattering and refined and goes well with any look.

14 | Baby Pink with Red Heart Tips

Baby pink nails with a romantic twist, featuring bold red heart-shaped tips that add a touch of love to a classic manicure.


This adorable and festive nail design features red heart tips on a baby pink base. You can use a stencil or a sticker to create the heart shape, or freehand it if you’re skilled enough. This design is cute and fun and perfect for celebrating love and happiness.

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