Icy blue nails adorned with delicate crystal accents, emulating the frosty sparkle of a winter morning for a glamorous manicure

Winter is here and it’s time to spice up your manicure with some frosted nails. Frosted nails are a trendy way to add some shimmer and sparkle to your nails, without being too flashy or over-the-top. They are perfect for the season, as they mimic the look of snowflakes, icicles, and frosty windows. Whether you prefer a sheer, pearly finish or a more dramatic, glittery effect, there is a frosted nail design for you. Here are 14 gel nail designs to frost your winter look and make you feel like a snow queen.

01 | Snowflake French Tips Nails

Subtle and delicate snowflake designs on classic French tips, combining traditional style with a seasonal winter twist Winter Gel Nail Designs


This simple and elegant design features white snowflakes on a peachy nude base, with classic French tips for a touch of sophistication. This is a perfect look for any occasion, from a cozy night in to a festive party.

02 | Blue Winter Glam Nails

Bold blue nails with silver glitter and winter-themed embellishments, creating a glamorous statement look for the season


If you love blue, you’ll love this winter glam design. It features four different patterns on long square nails: nude with jewel drops, royal blue with silver glitter, plaid, and knit. This design is eye-catching and chic, and it matches well with any winter outfit.

03 | Glacial Elegance Nails

Glacial elegance nails featuring icy blue polish with silver sparkles, mirroring the glistening surface of a frozen winter lake


This design is like a frozen wonderland on your nails. It features glittery sky blue nails with chunky silver glitter on the accent nails, creating a stunning contrast. This design is perfect for adding some sparkle and shine to your winter look.

04 | Yuletide Red Nails

Rich ruby red nails with shimmering glitter accents, embodying the festive spirit and warmth of the winter holiday season


Nothing says winter like red nails, and this design adds some festive flair to the classic color. It features silver glitter, white snowflakes, plaid, and knit patterns on short oval nails, creating a cozy and cheerful look. This design is ideal for celebrating the holidays in style.

05 | Nude Matte Winter Nails

Nude matte nails accented with white snowflake designs, offering a modern and understated approach to winter nail fashion


This design is for those who prefer a more subtle and sophisticated look. It features long square nails in matte nude brown, with various designs such as white V-shaped French tips, diamond-studded cuticles, half snowflakes, and knit patterns. This design is classy and elegant, and it complements any winter wardrobe.

06 | Pink Snow Nails

Chic pink nails with a snow-like glitter ombre effect, blending soft pink hues with the shimmer of freshly fallen snow


This design is for those who love pink and want to add some winter charm to their nails. It features long square nails in shimmery rose pink, with white French tips and snowflakes on the accent nails. This design is sweet and pretty, and it suits any occasion.

07 | Snow on Blue-Nude Ombré Nails

Long nails with a stunning blue to nude ombre background and detailed white snowflakes, capturing the essence of a winter sky


This design is for those who want to try something different and trendy. It features almond-shaped nails with a gradient blend of cool blues and warm peachy tones, topped with white snowflakes that add some texture and dimension. This design is sleek and modern, and it captures the beauty of winter.

08 | Cool Gray Nails

Sleek cool gray stiletto nails with elegant silver floral accents, perfect for adding a touch of winter sophistication


This design is for those who like a cool and edgy look. It features extra-long square nails in gray and peachy tones, with glittery outlined French tips, knitted embossed designs, and dazzling snowflakes with diamond studs. This design is bold and stylish, and it makes a statement.

09 | Winter Day Nails

Intricate winter day nail art depicting a serene snow-covered landscape with detailed tree and snowflake designs


This design is for those who want to bring some winter magic to their nails. It features medium-length oval nails in glittery chrome white, with accent nails that showcase a stunning winter day scene with blue-pink ombré base, white French tips, and snowy trees and mountains. This design is like a snow globe on your fingertips.

10 | Frosted Nails

Frosted nails with sparkling silver tips, creating an elegant transition like the edges of leaves touched by winter frost


This design is for those who want to try the frosted nails trend that’s popular among celebrities and royals. It features sheer pearly shimmer that gives the illusion of frost on your nails, creating a glamorous and sophisticated look. This design is versatile and can be worn with any color or outfit.

11 | Winter Floral Nails

Soft lavender nails with delicate white floral patterns, evoking the subtle beauty of a winter garden under a blanket of snow


This design is for those who want to add some color and life to their winter nails. It features short round nails in bright purple, with white floral patterns on the accent nails that resemble snowflakes or stars. This design is fun and cheerful, and it brightens up any winter day.

12 | Winter Sparkle Nails

Elegant long nails featuring a nude to clear gradient, accented with fine silver glitter for a chic and sparkling winter manicure


This design is for those who love glitter and want to make their nails shine. It features long coffin nails in silver glitter, with accent nails that have a white base and silver glitter stripes. This design is simple and elegant, and it adds some sparkle and glamour to your winter look.

13 | Winter Plaid Nails

Classic red and black plaid pattern on short nails, offering a timeless winter look with a touch of sophistication for the holidays


This design is for those who want to rock a classic and cozy winter pattern on their nails. It features short square nails in red, black, and white plaid, with accent nails that have a red base and white snowflakes. This design is festive and cute, and it matches well with any winter outfit.

14 | Winter Wonderland Nails

Winter wonderland-inspired nails with sparkling white glitter and icy patterns, perfect for celebrating the snowy season in style


This design is for those who want to create a winter wonderland on their nails. It features long stiletto nails in white, with various designs such as glitter, snowflakes, stars, and winter scenes. This design is whimsical and creative, and it showcases the beauty of winter.

These are some of the best gel nail designs that you can try this winter season. Gel nails are easy to apply and last longer than regular polish, so you can enjoy your winter nails for weeks. You can also mix and match different designs and colors to create your unique look. Have fun and stay warm!

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