A dynamic image capturing a woman with a joyful expression, her hair in black and pink braids flying around as she likely moves in a dance, against a soft background.

Are you looking for a way to spice up your hair color and stand out from the crowd? If so, you might want to consider black and pink hair styles. This dramatic color combination is perfect for expressing your individuality and creativity. Whether you want a subtle touch of pink or a bold contrast of colors, there is a black and pink hair style for you.

In this article, I will show you some of the best black and pink hair styles that will turn heads and make you feel fabulous. Let’s get started!

01 | Peekaboo Pink: A Subtle Surprise

A person's hair with a hidden streak of pastel pink underneath the natural black layers, styled straight with a slight curl at the ends, showcasing a modern dual-tone look.


  • This style features sleek black hair with a playful streak of soft pink hidden underneath. It’s perfect for those wanting a hint of color without full commitment.

02 | Top Knot with a Twist

A woman with shoulder-length hair combining ashy grey and pastel pink hues, styled in a casual top knot with loose strands framing the face, presenting a playful and trendy hairstyle.


  • The classic top knot gets a whimsical update with strands of pink. This look is a blend of edgy and sweet, ideal for the modern fashionista.

03 | Pink Ombre Waves

A side profile of a person with long, wavy hair featuring a bold black to pink ombre transition, wearing a black mask, highlighting a stylish and contemporary color blend.


  • Soft waves are given an extra dimension with a bold pink ombre. This style is a statement piece, marrying sophistication with a pop of color.

04 | Chic Contrast Bun

 A person's hair styled in a high bun with pink highlights on dark hair, paired with a simple hoop earring and a cozy white hoodie, offering a casual yet chic appearance.


  • This hairdo showcases a neat bun with an underlayer of pink, offering a contrast that’s both bold and elegant.

05 | Masked Beauty with Pink Highlights

 A person with mid-length layered hair, displaying a vibrant pink streak contrasting with black hair, wearing a blue surgical mask, embodying a bold statement look.


  • Even with a mask on, this style stands out. Deep pink streaks in dark hair pair well with any outfit, adding a touch of daring to your everyday look.

06 | Vibrant Streaks for a Vivid Life

A front view of a woman with long, wavy hair with striking pink streaks over natural dark tones, styled loosely to cascade over the shoulders, exuding a vibrant and youthful energy.


  • These vibrant pink streaks in lush black hair are for those who live colorfully. This style is both bold and playful, sure to turn heads.

07 | Black and Pink Half Bob

A person with a sleek, chin-length bob cut featuring a bold pink streak on one side, wearing a black face mask, showcasing a bold and edgy personal style.


  • A modern bob with hot pink ends for the trendsetter. It’s a low-maintenance look that delivers high-impact style.

08 | Glitter and Pink: Glam Up

 A woman with long, curly hair incorporating pink highlights, complemented by sparkling eye makeup and accessorized with a starry choker, exuding a glamorous and feminine vibe.


  • Black hair with pink locks and glitter makeup makes for a sparkling style, perfect for nights out and glittering events.

09 | Hello Kitty Cute: Pink Bangs

 A close-up of a woman with choppy bangs and pink highlights, holding a Hello Kitty plush toy, juxtaposing an edgy hair color with a touch of soft, playful nostalgia.


  • For the cute at heart, these pink bangs inspired by Hello Kitty add a charming touch to your look, ideal for softening any style.

10 | Waves of Whimsy: Pink Balayage

A person with a shoulder-length, wavy balayage hairstyle transitioning from deep burgundy to vibrant pink, styled with volume and texture, reflecting a bold and modern hair color trend.


  • This wavy hairstyle with pink balayage is effortlessly chic, suitable for both casual outings and formal events.

11 | Curly Charm with Pink Highlights

A selfie of a woman with voluminous curly black hair with bold pink highlights, wearing a pink tank top and a colorful beaded necklace, giving a sultry look to the camera.


  • Embrace the curls with this playful style, featuring deep black curls with bold pink highlights, perfect for adding a vibrant twist to your natural texture.

12 | Magenta Magic

Portrait of a woman with large, flowing magenta curls, matching pink lipstick, a delicate heart necklace, and a black top with floral straps, exuding confidence and style.


  • Go bold with these full-bodied magenta curls, a style that’s as fierce as it is fun, offering a stunning look that can’t be missed.

13 | Black Hair and Wavy Soft Pink Tips

A person with long, wavy hair featuring a soft black to pink ombre, styled in loose curls, wearing a gray top and a white crystal pendant necklace, reflecting a gentle and feminine aesthetic.


  • For those who love a gradient, this gentle transition from natural hair to pink ombre on waves offers a chic and subtle touch of color.

14 | Vibrant Pink Ponytail

A rear view of a woman with vivid pink and purple hair tied in a half-up ponytail, showcasing a mix of dark and bright shades in a bold and artistic hairstyle.


  • This high ponytail with a vivid pink wrap-around is sporty and stylish, adding a splash of color to a classic hairstyle.

15 | Braided Elegance with Pink Accents

A person standing with their back turned, showing off a lengthy braided hairstyle with prominent pink streaks woven into the black braids, creating a striking contrast.


  • Long, sleek braids with pink streaks combine tradition with a trendy twist, creating a look that’s both elegant and edgy.

Why Choose Black and Pink Hair?

Black and pink hair is a great choice for anyone who wants to experiment with their hair color and have some fun. Here are some of the benefits of this color combo:

  • It suits any skin tone and eye color. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, black and pink hair will complement your complexion and make your eyes pop.
  • It works with any hair length and texture. Whether you have short, long, curly, or straight hair, black and pink hair will add some dimension and interest to your hairstyle.
  • It offers a lot of versatility. You can choose from different shades of pink, from pastel to neon, and different ways of applying it, from highlights to ombre. You can also mix in other colors, such as blonde or purple, for a more unique look.
  • It makes a statement. Black and pink hair is not for the faint of heart. It shows that you are confident, adventurous, and not afraid to express yourself.

How to Get Black and Pink Hair?

  • If you want to get black and pink hair, you will need to bleach your hair first, unless it is already very light. Bleaching is a process that removes the natural pigment from your hair, making it lighter and more receptive to other colors. Bleaching can damage your hair if not done properly, so we recommend going to a professional salon or using a high-quality bleaching kit at home.
  • Once your hair is bleached, you can apply the pink color of your choice. You can use a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary dye, depending on how long you want the color to last. Permanent dyes last the longest but are also the most damaging. Semi-permanent dyes last for a few weeks and are less damaging. Temporary dyes last for a few washes and are the least damaging.
  • You can apply the pink color all over your hair or only on certain sections, such as the ends, the roots, the bangs, or underneath. You can also use different techniques, such as balayage, ombre, or peek-a-boo, to create different effects.

How to Maintain Black and Pink Hair?

Black and pink hair requires some extra care to keep it looking vibrant and healthy. Here are some tips on how to maintain your black and pink hair:

  • Wash your hair less often. Washing your hair too frequently can strip away the color and make it fade faster. Try to wash your hair only once or twice a week, using cold water and a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Use a color-safe conditioner. A conditioner that is specially formulated for colored hair can help nourish your hair and lock in the color. Apply it every time you wash your hair, focusing on the ends.
  • Use a color-depositing product. A color-depositing product is a product that adds some pigment to your hair every time you use it. It can help refresh your pink color and make it last longer. You can use a color-depositing shampoo, conditioner, mask, or spray once or twice a week.
  • Protect your hair from heat and sun. Heat and sun exposure can damage your hair and make the color fade faster. Avoid using hot tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons as much as possible. If you do use them, apply a heat protectant spray first. Also, wear a hat or use a UV protectant spray when going outside.
  • Trim your hair regularly. Split ends can make your hair look dull and unhealthy. To prevent them, trim your hair every six to eight weeks.

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