Subtle cherry blossom pink tints on a woman's brown hair, giving a delicate and refreshing springtime feel.

Pink hair is not just a trend, it’s a statement. Whether you want to express your femininity, your creativity, or your adventurous side, there’s a pink hair color that suits you. From pastels to neons, from ombres to balayages, pink hair can be customized to match your personality and preference. In this article, I’ll show you 16 pretty pink hair-color ideas that will inspire you to try this fun and fabulous hue.

Here are some of the best pink hair-color ideas that I’ve gathered from the internet. These are based on the latest trends and styles that are popular among celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas.

01 | Sunset Blush Ombre:

Vibrant sunset pink ombre hair cascading from deep rose roots to peach tips on a woman with textured waves and orange sunglasses.


  • Cascading from a deep rose at the roots to a soft peach at the tips, this look mirrors the sky at dusk.

02 | Rose Gold Glow:

Soft rose gold hair color blending pink and blonde on a woman with long, wavy locks and a subtle smile


  • This classic hue blends pink and blonde, reflecting a golden hour all day.

03 | Fairy Dust Sprinkle:

Playful light pink hair with hints of lavender on a woman with sparkling facial gems and a whimsical updo hairstyle.


  • Playful and spirited, the light pink is dusted with hints of lavender, like a fairy’s whisper.

04 | Candy Floss Waves:

Bold candy floss pink waves on a woman with a graphic tee, showcasing bright, eye-catching pink hair color.


  • Bright and bold, the vibrant pink waves are as sweet and irresistible as the carnival treat they’re named after.

05 | Ethereal Pink Updo:

Pastel pink twisted updo hairstyle on a woman, giving a dreamy and elegant vibe suitable for formal events.


  • A soft, pastel pink twisted into an elegant updo, perfect for adding a touch of fantasy to any occasion.

06 | Peachy Keen Curls:

Warm peachy pink curls on a woman, exuding summer vibes with bouncy, touchable hair that shines with vitality.


  • A warm, peachy pink that brings to mind a juicy summer peach, with bouncy curls to match.

07 | Coral Crush Bob:

Confident coral pink bob haircut on a woman, a modern and edgy look with a touch of softness in the hue.


  • This pink with a touch of coral exudes confidence and modernity, especially in a chic bob cut.

08 | Raspberry Ripple Lengths:

Rich raspberry ripple colored hair on a woman with long, luxurious waves that are full-bodied and dynamic


  • Long, luscious locks with a ripe raspberry hue, this style is as rich and indulgent as the dessert it resembles.

09 | Lavender Frost Fade:

Intense pink roots fading into frosty lavender ends on a woman with voluminous wavy hair and a confident gaze.


  • A striking contrast of vibrant pink at the crown fading into icy lavender, this style is a frosty treat for the eyes.

10 | Magenta Magic:

Vivid magenta highlights on a woman with dark wavy hair, creating a mystical and enchanting appearance.


  • Deep magenta streaks playfully dance through dark locks, a spellbinding combination that’s both bold and mysterious.

11 | Pink Champagne Ponytail:

Chic pink champagne colored ponytail with darker roots on a woman, a sophisticated and trendy hairstyle


  • Effortlessly chic, this pale pink ponytail with darker roots sparkles with sophistication like a glass of bubbly.

12 | Electric Pink Highlights:

Lively blonde hair with electric pink highlights on a woman, adding a pop of fun and brightness to her look.


  • This vibrant shock of electric pink highlights in a sea of blonde is a bold statement that screams fun.

13 | Dusty Rose Waves:

Romantic dusty rose waves on a woman, a soft and timeless hair color with a touch of vintage elegance.


  • A muted, dusty pink that’s as romantic and timeless as a bouquet of old roses, with soft waves adding to its charm.

14 | Berry Balayage:

Enticing berry balayage on a woman with long, wavy hair, combining shades of pink and purple for a sweet style


  • This delicious blend of berry and pink tones in wavy tresses is as enticing as a freshly baked berry pie.

15 | Pink Sorbet Bob:

Refreshing pink sorbet bob cut on a woman, a playful twist on a classic hairstyle with a vibrant color.


  • A refreshing take on the classic bob with a scoop of pink sorbet color for a sweet, playful edge.

16 | Mermaid’s Blush:

Enchanting long mermaid hair with a gradient of pink shades on a woman, perfect for a fantasy-inspired look


  • Long, flowing locks with a gradient of pink hues that would make even a mermaid envious.

Why Choose Pink Hair?

Pink hair is a fashion hair color that blends lighter shades of red on lighter hair. It’s what every millennial girl craves nowadays. This bubblegum hue won’t be going anywhere off the pink hair trend list anytime soon!

With pink hairstyles, one important thing you need to consider is the shade of your skin. Tan to dark skin tones are the luckiest because any shade of this dreamy color looks amazing on them. Women who have lighter complexions tend to look stunning in bright or pastel shades.

The darker your hair is, the more coloring sessions it will take to get to a light pink color. Play with this funky hue, or choose from a vast spectrum of pink. A pink’s hint can range from vibrant and bold neon to subtle and muted pastel.

If you’re unsure if you want to dye your entire head of hair, ask your hair colorist about a dip dye to get started. Pink hair can fade quickly without proper at-home maintenance, so be sure to speak with your stylist or hair colorist about which products to use, how often you should wash your hair, and the dos and dont’s about styling.

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